Staff Spotlight: Maggie

Geranium has a small, hands-on staff and we thought it would be fun to showcase an employee each month. Our staff spotlight for November is Maggie!

Name/ Title: Maggie, Sales Associate

What’s your personal style?: Adaptive – I dress in whatever makes me feel the most comfortable at the time, and also in whatever allows me to be myself! Sometimes that means jeans and a comfy top, sometimes that means a dress and a cozy scarf. It all depends!

Favorite piece of Geranium jewelry: I am in LOVE with the quartz point drop necklace! I may have to buy it for myself as a very early Christmas present!

Favorite Geranium scent: It may be the bookworm in me, but my favorite scents are almost all of the candles in the Paddywax Library Collection. I especially love the Steinbeck, Tolstoy, and Poe candles!

Favorite accessory for fall: Scarves, Scarves, Scarves! I am obsessed with scarves. I would wear them all year round if it didn’t get so hot in St. Louis over the summer!

Favorite color: Maroon

Favorite Geranium item to give as a gift: Our cards! They are so cute and fit almost any occasion! I’m thinking of sending one to my friend who is living in South Korea sometime soon! She’d love it.

What item is at the top of your Geranium wish list?: That Quartz necklace, our new olive green scarf, and about 10 more of those Library candles.

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