Staff Spotlight: Courtney

Geranium has a small, hands-on staff and we thought it would be fun to showcase an employee each month. Our staff spotlight for September is Courtney!


Name/Title: Courtney, Sales Associate

I have a degree in art education, so when I started at Geranium the owner asked me to help create and install her designs for the windows and store decor. As of August, I have been designing, creating, and installing the decor on my own, with the input and approval of the store manager. The budget and time is limited, so I have to get creative with materials in order to achieve my design. I like to make the pieces, if possible. For instance, the 8 foot crocheted tassel scarf that is the centerpiece for our fall window. The winter decor will be installed mid to late November, so stay tuned!

What’s your personal style?: Casual, polished, and feminine. If I could live in dark skinny jeans or leggings with boots I would be perfectly happy. I like solid fall colors and jewel tones, but sometimes opt for a graphic T-shirt I bought from a local artist. I keep it pretty simple but sometimes like to sport a red lip.

Style inspiration: I follow Lauren Conrad and her latest designs regularly and Taylor Swift has awesome style, but mainly I read local artisan/crafter blogs and see their “outfits of the day.” I also love Zooey Deschanel.

People say I look like ___ : I’ve been told Isla Fisher and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

Favorite piece of Geranium jewelry: Malachite (green stone) necklace with fishbone chain detail

Favorite Geranium scent: Library of Flowers’ Willow and Water scent

Favorite accessory for fall: Scarves and boots

Favorite color: Emerald green

Favorite Geranium item to give as a gift: I like giving earrings as a gift. We have a variety of styles from simple studs to jeweled statement earrings. I always feel like I can find a pair to fit the style of the person I am shopping for. I also grab a greeting card because they’re a great price and some can double as wall art!

What item is at the top of your Geranium wish list?: I love the home decor items as well as the Library of Flowers Willow and Water handcreme and the Lollia Calm handcreme.

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