Top 5 Ways To Organize Your Life With Hobnail Jars

Looking for a cute and inexpensive way to organize your home? Geranium has you covered with our selection of hobnail jars.

Hobnail jars are available in small or medium and come in clear and milk glass. They can be decorated to suit any décor, or they look great on their own!

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking: “Hobnail jars are great! But what are they used for?” Check out this list for some of our favorite ways to use hobnail jars that you can incorporate into your home:

1) Bring some of the outside in!
Hobnail jars make unique vases for fresh or silk flowers. You also can use hobnail jars as a planter for your succulents or air plants. They can be displayed alone or together to make a unique table centerpiece for a wedding, dinner party, or every day.

Hobnail Jar

2) Light up your life
Our clear hobnail jars can be used as holders for any size candle. We also carry metal hangers for our hobnail jars so they can be hung up and used as lanterns.  

Clear Hobnails

3) Kitchen Cleanup
Not a lot of drawer space in your kitchen? Hobnail jars make a cute container for kitchen tools and gadgets, silverware, and they’re easy to clean!

Accent decor hobnail jars holding silverware
4) Organize that workspace
Have a work area that needs some sprucing up? Use hobnail jars to store your pens or paintbrushes on your desk where they’re accessible.


5) Beautify your bathroom
Hobnail jars make a cute container for makeup brushes, cotton balls and even bath fizzies!


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